SanDisk buys MusicGremlin for Wi-Fi sharing bonus in the MP3 player wars

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musicgremlin.jpgMP3 player maker SanDisk has acquired the much overlooked MusicGremlin wireless PMP.

The MusicGremlin offers a similar wireless ability to the Microsoft Zune in that it’s possible to share licensed music directly with other similar devices over Wi-Fi, provided both parties are subscribers to their online music download service.

The second bonus of the MusicGremlin is that users can gain access to the online music service remotely, without the aid of a computer. SanDisk already makes wireless MP3 players but the addition of the MusicGremlin’s features would really help strengthen their product in the battle for MP3 player market share.

SanDisk currently sit a long way behind Apple in second place but the Zune has moved up behind into third and SanDisk seem to be looking at Microsoft’s music sharing capabilities as the feature that’s making the difference.

(via Wired & Music Alley)

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