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ces-vegas-logo.jpgCouldn’t make it to Vegas? Fret ye not, we did and we’ll be all over it until CES 2009 is done. We’ll be updating this page with all the coverage we can unearth.

I’ll be here representing for TD with Susi and Zara from Shiny Shiny and between us and Duncan, Gary and Andy back home, we’ll fill this post with more stories than you can brush your teeth with.


Tasty dock/radios from Sonoro here
Motorola A3100 Surf captured on vid here
Sony Vaio P mini laptop on video here
Stream HD quality audio with the i2i Stream here
Novint Falcon gaming gone for first person shooters on the PC here
The Android running GiiNii Movit PMP right here
The Wave-Home multimedia communicator of next Tuesday from iRiver here
Seal Shield washable computer peripherals here
Sony Walkman W and Z series upclose and personal here
Thrustmaster T.16000M joystick here
Touchscreen gadgets alienate blind tech fans, says schoolground blind icon Stevie Wonder here
Pioneer unveils new Blu-ray and upconverting DVD players, new AV receivers here
HP Mini 2140 netbook here
Samsung reveals huge range of new LCD and plasma HD tellies here
Victorinox presents the Presentation Pro Swiss Army Knife here

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Samsung’s other four digital cameras – the WB500, ST10, ST50 and ES55 here
Sony reveals its 3″ OLED-screened WALKMAN X music and media player here
Sony Ericsson announces ‘affordable’ C510 Cyber-shot, and W508 Walkman mobiles here
Arcam shows off the FMJ T32 Hi-Fi DAB tuner here
Sennheiser announces “world’s best headphones”- the HD800s – here
Samsung intros new YouTube-friendly camcorder, plus an ergonomic high def one here
Windows 7 hits public beta on Friday – here‘s how to give it a try
Sony reveals latest HD/SD Handycams with ridiculous optical zooms here
LG unveils huge range of plasma and LCD HDTVs here
Sony Cybershot G3 – Wi-Fi camera with built-in browser – here
Sony keynote here
Palm shows off rumoured touchscreen device – the Palm Pre – here
Sony shows off three more Cyber-shot compact digital cameras here
Samsung P3 media player on show here
Palm’s new Web OS in detail here
Mindflex – Susi’s mind is blown here
Casio compacts – Exilim EX-Z400, EX-Z270, EX-S12, EX-S5, EX-FS10 and EX-FC100 here


Cisco announces Internet-connected Media Hub here
Pentax announces Optio P70 and Optio E70 here
WowWee Cinemin Pico Projectors here
World’s first projector phone here
LG introduces Wireless HDMI and 3D chips here
New SD card standard paves the way for 2TB capacities here
Toshiba press conference 18.00 GMT here
LG showing off prototype LG-GD910 watch-phone hybrid device here
Toshiba shows improvements to LCDs for the Toshiba Regza range here
LG brings YouTube to Bluray here
Toshiba Cell TV – extreme high res concept on show in Vegas here
Liveblogging the SHARP press conference here
Toshiba Combo to integrate Widget Channel internet TV onto your LCD here
Sansa slotRadio – with 1000 “hand-picked” songs here
Samsung press conference 22.00 GMT here
Upload video instantly from your camera to YouTube with new Eye-fi cards here
Samsung Luxia LED TV range – 1.6″ thick including wall mount here
Samsung gets wall mount fever with the first attachable BD-P4600 Blu-ray player here
Panasonic introduce 3D HD TV and get James Cameron on board here
Panasonic introduce camcorders with a 70x optical zoom here
Panasonic’s portable Blu-ray player here
Camcorders go solid state with the 64GB SSD Samsung HMX-H106 here
Samsung P3 MP3 player here
Liveblogged Sony press conference here
Sony launches 3G ultraportable laptop here
Four compacts from Samsung – HZ10W, TL100, SL102 & SL420 here
Sony Webbie camcorder rivals Flip Mino HD here
Sony’s new eco TV, which knows you’re there, here
Samsung brings Blu-ray to the sound bar with the HT-BD8200 here


Asus press conference liveblog with new netbooks and dual screen laptops here or more pics and details here
The powermat is real. Dan proves it on video here.
The best new shoot ’em up on video here.
The MSI X320 thinnest netbook seen just over here
Sharper Image iPod dock and its auto-accelerometer action here

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