CES 2009: Panasonic introduce 3D HD TV and get James Cameron on board


Well the news is in now, and whilst it’s not quite what I was hoping for, it certainly looks promising. Panasonic made the wise choice to forgo the gloomy outcast on the economy that all the other brands are so obsessed with an instead launched right into their line-up and what a line up! They’ve declared that 2009 is the year when 3DTV for the home will become a reality, and they’ve gone one better than that by claiming it will be 3D HDTV, we’re talking 1080p folks!

Panasonic say that to fully implement workable 3DTV at home, manufacturers and cinematographers need to get together and maintain single standard so this will work effectively. To this end they’ve managed to get famed director James Cameron on board, who is shooting his new movie Avatar in 3d HDTV. It will be released late December and it’s hoped that this will be the start of Hollywood and consumer electronics joining together to create a new standard.

On Feb 1st there will be a release of a 3D HDTV film (as yet undisclosed) and Panasonic are pushing for this format to be released on Blu-ray as well, which neatly ties into some of their other releases. Will this be a reality, or is this still a pipe dream? Time will tell.


Zara Rabinowicz
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