CES 2009: Panasonic introduce camcorders with a 70x optical zoom

CES 2009

camera zoom pana.jpg

Now a 70x zoom is extraordinary. Seriously that one fact basically overshadows every other thing they’ve said about their three new camcorders. Think about it, you’ll basically be able to zoom in on a piece of spaghetti someone is eating and capture every last drop of grease dripping from it. Nice.

OK, now you’ve recovered from the above information, I have another shock for you. These 70x optical zoom cameras are REASONABLY priced. Mind blowing huh? The models in this range are called the SDR-H80, SDR-H90, and SDR-S26 and will be available from April.

Two of them are Hard Drive camcorders that have either 60 or 89GB (expandable by a further 32GB via a card). The H89 will retail for $450, and comes in four colours, black, silver, red and blue

pana camera2.jpg

If you’d rather save your pennies the SDR-S26 is an SD card only camcorder, available in an attractive baby blue (see above) black, red and champagne. It will set you back a mere $330, and means that aspiring film makers don’t need to splash out on pricier models.

All camcorders come with bundled Video Cam Suite software and also include a one button YouTube uploader. I’m not sure we need a 70x zoom, but hey, you don’t ask you don’t get right?


Zara Rabinowicz
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