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logo-samsung.jpgNext up at CES 2009 is the turn of tech monster Samsung. It’s hard to tell what the world’s largest gadget makers will come up with this year. The trouble is they make just about everything, so who knows upon which band wagon it is they wish to jump. Quite possibly they’ll surprise us all and invent something on their own. I’ll let you know as soon as I do from 22.00 GMT.

Ok, so the stage is set, the lights are blue and the conference room here in Vegas is stuffed to the gunnels in anticipation of the one thousand and one items that Samsung is set to reveal at CES 2009. Here we go…

22.42 Everyone’s now rushing out and me with them. It’s just questions and the usual protracted nonsense from here on in. Product posts on their way.

22.40 Stills digi camera – HZ10W and the P3 latest palm sized PMP. It comes with haptic feedback and all the widgets of a certain other handheld.

22.38 Time for some camcorders. The HMX-H106 comes with an SSD with 64GB of onboard storage. Twelve hours of HD recordable.

22.35 Blu-ray players now on the way. The BD-P4600 is both Wi-Fi ready and is the slimmest in the world at 1.5″. It’s also wall mountable. There’s also an HD Blu-ray sound bar to go with it – the world’s first, so we’re told.

22:33 LED 8000 comes with 240Hz refresh rate which apparently eliminates blur altogether. LCD 750 with same 240Hz rate and the PDP 850 plasma – 1″ thick with energy efficient panel.

22:27 The Samsung Luxia LED TVs – just over 1″ thick, consuming 40% less power than other LCDs and both mercury and lead free. They have USB movie, wireless features and look rather good with fish on them at the moment. Naturally, they’re full HD and have the Yahoo! widget platform. The LED 7000 comes with an ultra-slim wall mount to give a gap of only 0.6″.

22.26 The VP of sales and marketing takes the stage. At last, products!

22.21 Samsung is now talking eco-friendly products – low power washing machines and programs for recycling old tech. Fascinating stuff.

22.17 New TVs! Well, what did you expect? The Samsung Luxia LED TV is what we’re talking about – a 44-55″ range.

22.13 So, to go with this, Samsung is releasing a series of wireless media devices, many of these will be HD focused.

22.09 Yahoo! has taken the stage to back them up. Their vision is the cinematic internet with consumer choice and ease of use at the heart of it. They’re working with eBay and other internet bigwigs. It’s all about the Yahoo! widget engine. We’re being shown the interface. It looks pretty good and, best of all, it’s controlled with a remote and not a keyboard.

22.08 Just like Tosh, Samsung are boasting widget based internet TV.

22.07 Samsung is boasting why they’re better than others. Apparently, it’s all about the wonderful infrastructure they have. I wish they wouldn’t bother with the marketing pepp rally.

22:02 Like the rest of the tech companies, Samsung is concerned with what the public will be able to afford this year.

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Daniel Sung
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