Asus Keyboard to hit the shelves in June


The most puzzling gadget from CES 2009 looks like it’s about to be up for grabs as word spreads that the Asus Keyboard will be on sale by the end of June.

The computer-in-a-keyboard device created more of a confusion than a storm when it was brushed over fairly casually at the Asus press conference in January. So, just in case your desktop isn’t enough, the Taiwanese innovator is selling a finger tapper with a mind of its own.

It comes with an embedded 5-inch, 800 x 480 pixel touchscreen, and it runs XP on an Atom N270 CPU and a 32GB SSD. It also happens to rock 802.11n wirless, an HDMI-out port, Bluetooth, a set of speakers and even has a microphone as well. I think they’re just doing it to make everyone’s computer feel really dated. “Look,” they’re saying, “even our keyboards are better than your tired old machine.”

Of course, the big question is what exactly am I going to use the thing for? I look forward to the demonstrations.

(via Engadget)

CES 2009: Video – NJOY ecigarettes

While ecigarettes are ten-a-penny in the UK, there’s only one manufacturer of them in the USA. Zara, ever the detective, managed to track them down. Not just cigarettes, though – cigars, cigarette holders, everything!

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CES 2009: LOK8U GPS child tracker watch – Big Mother is here


The LOK8U GPS child tracker watch by nu.m8 has got a lot of servers wagging. I’ll do my best to avoid all the usual outrage but suffice to say, I’m not convinced it’s the best idea I’ve ever seen.

It’s essentially just a standard watch with a GPS chip fitted…

CES 2009: LEGO-inspired kids gadgets coming soon courtesy of Digital Blue


One of the quirkier stories to come out of CES this year was the partnership between Digital Blue and LEGO which will see a number of kid-centric gadgets produced with the iconic plastic brick look.

This isn’t build it yourself, unfortunately, so don’t think you’ll be able to buy a box full of LEGO pieces, a CMOS sensor, LCD and a few buttons and create your own digital camera. It’s just the look, rather than the actual coloured blocks, but that’s probably just as well as it would be pretty irritating to drop said camera and have it break into a hundred pieces…

CES 2009: Hands on with the Asus T91

Susi was lucky enough to get her her hands on the swivelly Asus T91 in Vegas that we originally covered here. It’s got a GPS unit, a touchscreen and a TV tuner – quite nifty for an 8.9″ netbook. Can’t wait to try Windows 7 on it.

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CES 2009 – Attendance down 22% on last year, down 15% on expectations


Last week’s International Consumer Electronics Show drew just 110,000 visitors – the lowest turnout in many years. Last year, the show admitted 141,000 people and CES had predicted that 130,000 people would attend, but both of those figures proved unattainable, likely due to the state of the world’s economy.

Even for those who showed up, the show proved disappointing. Although wireless power generation was showed off, and Palm unveiled its most exciting product in years, the show was underwhelming. All the companies started their press conferences with comments on the global economy and talked about how green they are. Then they just talked about networkng as much of their AV as possible.

Are big technology shows sustainable in the long term? With Apple pulling out of Macworld, perhaps they’re not. If large companies pull out, then attendance dwindles, and it’s no longer worth it for the smaller companies, which provide the bulk of the cash to run the show. Unless the economy takes a sharp upward turn this year, 2010 could be a very interesting time for the big expos.

(via VentureBeat)

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CES 2009: Sunpentown personal humidifier


When I first laid eyes on the Sunpentown SU-1051W personal humidifier at CES 2009, I didn’t think the world of it. Nice that you can attach any kind of standard plastic water bottle to the top of it to use as the reservoir…

CES 2009: Yorisoi ifbot – the robot companion for your gran


The robotics section is always a good place for a nose around if you want a few giggles at CES and there was certainly no disappointment this year after I bumped into the Yorisoi ifbot.

Made in Japan, of course, the ifbot is a prototype AI life unit designed as a companion for the elderly. It talks slowly and clearly…