CES 2009: LEGO-inspired kids gadgets coming soon courtesy of Digital Blue

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One of the quirkier stories to come out of CES this year was the partnership between Digital Blue and LEGO which will see a number of kid-centric gadgets produced with the iconic plastic brick look.

This isn’t build it yourself, unfortunately, so don’t think you’ll be able to buy a box full of LEGO pieces, a CMOS sensor, LCD and a few buttons and create your own digital camera. It’s just the look, rather than the actual coloured blocks, but that’s probably just as well as it would be pretty irritating to drop said camera and have it break into a hundred pieces.

The first gizmos to market should be cameras (did I mention that), video cameras, MP3 players and walkie-talkies, with other devices like alarm clocks and stereos coming after.

They’ll arrive in the US first with suggested pricing between $20 and $60.

Digital Blue (via Kids Tech Review)

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