Creative launches Vado HD pocket camcorder in the UK


creative-vado-hd-pocket-video-cam.jpgCreative has finally brought the high definition follow-up to its Vado pocket camcorder to the UK.

The Vado HD offers 720p filming at an unspecified frame rate (though to be true 720p it needs to be at least 24fps – it’s probably 30fps) as well as VGA (YouTube friendly) recording at 30fps.

It’s constructed using a wide-angle glass lens and comes with a 2x digital zoom (yes, digital: pixellation city here we come). Its 8GB of onboard memory should let you shoot around two hours of HD footage, or eight hours at 640×480/30fps.

It uses a rechargeable lithium-ion battery offering up to two hours of use per charge and has both HDMI and attached USB cable for connecting to a PC or HDTV. It can output video via HDMI at up to 1080i (presumably to work with crappy HDTVs that can’t handle 720p) and also has a one-touch YouTube/ upload facility. It comes packaged with a silicone skin to keep the video cam safe from scratches.

The stinger is that it’ll cost you £209.99. Ouch.

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