Make your life even more ironic with the 3.5" floppy disk iTunes and Firefox posters

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Here’s how you can be even more ironic than your ironic mate who does nothing but ironically play ironic 1970s children’s TV programme theme tunes all day – buy yourself a set of the deeply ironic posters based around 3.5″ discs.

Ironically imagining what it would’ve been like had iTunes or Photoshop launched in the 1980s and been distributed on floppy disks, these ironic posters will ironically enhance any ironic modern living space. They also feature the right number of discs required to fit today’s modern apps – iTunes 8.02 would’ve required 42 floppies, were it to have launched for the Amiga in 1986, for example.


I’m only bitter because I didn’t have the idea first. Maker Mehmet Gozetlik is promising to have full-size prints available soon from his shop, for a relatively unreasonable $120. He’ll then be retiring to a private island off the proceeds, as long as everyone doesn’t just nick the idea and knock up their own.

(Via Behance)

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Gary Cutlack
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