Woolworths could live on… online


Break out the cheap party poppers and raise a “Worth It” champagne glass to the news that Woolworths may resurrect itself online.

While its recent demise has seen the shop space sold off, the Shop Direct Group has taken on the company and could be about to turn it into an online retailer.

The old Woolworths already offered online purchasing, but the new scheme would see it more able to compete with the likes of Amazon which sells goods exclusively online…

Make your life even more ironic with the 3.5" floppy disk iTunes and Firefox posters

Here’s how you can be even more ironic than your ironic mate who does nothing but ironically play ironic 1970s children’s TV programme theme tunes all day – buy yourself a set of the deeply ironic posters based around 3.5″ discs.

Ironically imagining what it would’ve been like had iTunes or Firefox launched in the 1980s and been distributed on floppy disks, these ironic posters will ironically enhance any ironic modern living space. They also feature the right number of discs required to fit today’s modern apps – iTunes 8.02 would need to be spread across 42 floppies, for example.


I’m only bitter because I didn’t have the idea first. Maker Mehmet Gozetlik is promising to have full-size prints available soon from his shop, for a relatively…

Dell WANTS IN on the MP3 player and music retailing scene?


Box-shifter par excellence Dell is planning to enter the MP3 player market, according to a bit of sniffing around from the Wall Street Journal.

The WSJ reckons that Dell wants a bit of the lucrative music retailing pie as well, so is planning to launch what industry experts will be calling an “iTunes killer” alongside its alleged range of players…

Dell dropping some XPS models – pushing its new toy Alienware harder instead


High-stacking, low-selling PC maker Dell is planning to dump some of its XPS range of power machines, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal.

Thanks to Dell’s buying of Alienware in 2006, the box-shifter has no need for a high-end range of its own and will instead start pushing the Alienware machines harder on its site. The report in the WSJ suggests Dell is worried that its cheaper XPS desktops are competing too well against the equivalent Alienware models…

Unlikely partnership of the day: Dixons and Interflora selling roses and daffodils to geeks

dixons-flowers-launch.jpgSomeone at Dixons has had an idea. The idea is to channel its presumably overwhelmingly male audience off to Interflora, in order to relieve their guilt at spending £60 on a new wireless router when the old wireless router still worked perfectly well.

Dixons Flowers is the disappointingly dull name for the venture, and here’s how they describe it:

“Whether you want to make a romantic gesture, say thank you or relieve your guilt…