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If you’re looking to buy something online, it’s likely that your first port of call will be giant e-tailer Amazon, especially if you’re after a good read or electrical items. But how about for your groceries? Well, from now on you can do just that, as Amazon are launching a new service today that lets you do your usual supermarket shop through them instead online.

Over 22,000 household items will be available, including big name brands such as Pampers, Ariel, Uncle Ben’s, Dolmio, Kraft, Schwartz, Kenco, Carte Noir, Walkers and Oreo as well as Bakers and Purina One pet foods. Customers will be able to bulk-buy certain goods, and pay an annual subscription of £49 for unlimited next-day delivery, or go through Amazon’s usual delivery methods.

The service will be accessible through both computers and smartphones according to the press release, which may or may not suggest a standalone Amazon grocery app is in the works.

Amazon’s grocery director James Leeson said: “’s aim is to be the place where customers can find and discover any product they want to buy online.

“With the introduction of this new store, there are thousands of household, niche, ethnic and international grocery items, all available at the click of a button.”

What do you think? Should ASDA and Tesco be quaking in their boots? Or do you feel its a bit of a jump from selling books and CDs to selling edible goods and nappies?

Let us know in the comments below, after checking out the service here.

Gerald Lynch
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