Dell dropping some XPS models – pushing its new toy Alienware harder instead

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dell-dumping-xps-range-for-alienware.jpgHigh-stacking, low-selling PC maker Dell is planning to dump some of its XPS range of power machines, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal.

Thanks to Dell’s buying of Alienware in 2006, the box-shifter has no need for a high-end range of its own and will instead start pushing the Alienware machines harder on its site. The report in the WSJ suggests Dell is worried that its cheaper XPS desktops are competing too well against the equivalent Alienware models, hence the imminent axing of four key XPS desktop models.

But will this mainstream move ruin Alienware’s hardcore image? Can Alienware churn out its exotic and fancy custom machines at a pace fast enough to satisfy Dell’s massive shopper base? Those are the exciting business cliffhangers to be resolved in a couple of years time!

(Via Engadget)

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