CES 2008: Alienware debuts curvy 2880×900 gaming monitor

CES 2008, Gaming

Cor! Check this curvaceous gaming monitor out. It’s 2880×900 resolution, the equivalent of two WXGA+ monitors stuck side by side. It’s due on sale in the second half of this year from Alienware, which has been working with tech firm Ostendo Technologies to create it.

They claim it offers a much better response time and wider field of view than other gaming monitors, with the curvature giving you peripheral vision to give you an edge in first-person shooters. They were demonstrating it running Crysis at tonight’s Digital Experience event.

Will many games work on it? Alienware say they will, since game developers are getting used to gamers demanding this sort of resolution by having two separate monitors. No price has been set yet, but rest assured, it’ll probably be super expensive. But worth it. Oh, the pixellation in the video above is YouTube compression, not the monitor itself.

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