CES 2008: Top 10 things that made us smile


CES isn’t just about the top products and big companies. It’s about the quirky stuff – the gadgets that make you chuckle, or make your jaw drop in stunned disbelief. The products that make you go ‘aww….’. And the crazy dancing Bill Gates lookalikes in grimy rawk dives. With that in mind, here’s ten products and/or sights that’ll stick in our minds.

CES 2008: The 50 Hottest Products at this year's show


We’re back in the UK, with fuzzy heads, bulging post counts, and emptied bank accounts. Last week at CES was a blast, with more cool products than you can shake a stick at. Not that this has stopped us stick-shaking in order to weed out the 50 best products we saw at CES 2008. Read on for the full list, with links to our stories.

CES 2008 Roundup: Wednesday


Things are slowing down a tad at CES today, possibly because half the attendees are lurking outside the Sands hall trying to cop an eyeful of porn stars (the AVN adult industry conference is taking place next door). But we’ve still been rooting around for cool products, as well as checking out Wyclef Jean at the Billboard Digital Music Live summit.

CES 2008: Wyclef Jean talks Motorola, ringtones, Shakira and… Bob Dylan?


I’m still at the Billboard Digital Music Live summit, and we’re ready for the main event now. Keynote speaker in the afternoon is Wyclef Jean, the multi-million selling ex-Fugee who’s collaborated with stellar acts like Shakira, Destiny’s Child and, er, Brian Harvey.

He’s due to announce a big new digital music deal, and give his views on the industry. Read on for the liveblog as it happens – and pray his lips don’t lie…

CES 2008: Don Was talks digital music at Billboard Digital Music Live


One of the events happening within CES is the Billboard Digital Music Live summit, which sees a bunch of music industry executives getting together to chew the fat about digital music: opportunities, threats, ways to screw Steve Jobs over. You know the kind of thing.

First speaker in the afternoon is music industry legend Don Was, who’s an artist and producer, and also active in the digital area, looking at advertising-funded music on his own site, My Damn Channel, giving away MP3s supported by advertising.

CES 2008: Hannspree's first mobile phone, the Zephyr

Yesterday I shlepped to the Hannspree suite at CES, just to take a look at their first ever mobile phone, which’ll be launching mid-2008 in the UK, with the rest of the world following soon after.

With Sony Ericsson aesthetics, and just 2-megapixel camera, it’s pretty much the ultimate PAYG handset. There’s one nice feature…

CES 2008; Lasonic's Heineken MP3 player. Beer-breath essential.

mg style="margin:5px; float: left;"alt="heineken-beer-MP3-player.jpg" src="//www.techdigest.tv/heineken-beer-MP3-player.jpg" width="99" height="328" />With 128MB, 256MB, 51<2MB, 1GB, 2GB, and 4GB memory capacities, Dutch boozehounds can go nuts with the lairy beer-fuelled rock.

The MP-400 from…