Lasonic iPod holding boombox is ghetto-fabulous

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When Don Letts answered The Observer’s weekly ‘What would you save if your house was burning down’ question with a lengthy description of his favourite boombox, I doubt he ever considered the fact that another ‘ghetto blaster’ could possibly eclipse his own in terms of cool factor – even if his has been in close proximity to John Lydon and Joe Strummer.

There’s not much to say about this boombox from Lasonic, except it’s possibly the best one I’ve ever laid eyes on. And really, who uses cassettes anymore?! Certainly not when one’s available with a special little iPod holder nestled between its 2 x 15W speakers, and supports USB memory sticks and SD/MMC memory cards. Better whack some more Run DMC and De La Soul on your ‘pod, in readiness for when this boombox drops later this year and isn’t just, err, an Adobe Illustrator mock-up.

Lasonic (via Geeksugar)

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