CES 2008: The 50 Hottest Products at this year's show

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We’re back in the UK, with fuzzy heads, bulging post counts, and emptied bank accounts. Last week at CES was a blast, with more cool products than you can shake a stick at. Not that this has stopped us stick-shaking in order to weed out the 50 best products we saw at CES 2008. Read on for the full list, with links to our stories.

1. Panasonic won the big-screen size war with its 150 inch plasma television
2. Sony tried a different approach with its diminutive OLED TVs
3. OQO unveiled the world’s first WiMAX-enabled UMPC
4. JVC made its own telly splash with the world’s skinniest LCDs
5. Alienware debuted a curvy 2880×900 gaming monitor
6. Toshiba wowed us with its A100F hard disk HD camcorder
7. WowWee revealed its latest robot, the micro-GPS-equipped Rovio
8. LG jumped on board the watch/phone bandwagon with its, ahem, prototype watch/phone
9. iRiver made us wish they released more products in the UK with their slinky SPINN player
10. We headbanged in appreciation of the Guitar Hero Air Guitar Rocker

11. Sling Media went high-definition with the place-shifting Slingbox PRO-HD
12. Casio launched the world’s slimmest 10.1-megapixel digital camera
13. Panasonic refreshed its Viera range with a 46-inch plasma
14. Sony Ericsson unveiled its latest super handset, the GPS-enabled W760 Walkman phone
15. Sharp impressed us with its web-enabled AQUOS service
16. Samsung put RSS feeds on telly with the Infolink TVa
17. Motorola bundled HSDPA connectivity and video editing in the Z10 mobile phone
18. The IZ3D gaming monitor pwned its rivals with 3D thrills
19. More from Sling Media: the company announced SlingPlayer for BlackBerry
20. SE2 Labs’ do-everything console system made us green with gadget-envy

21. Another HD camcorder worth lustinc after was the Samsung SC-HMX20C
22. Our teeny-tiny hearts were chuffed at the sight of 3M’s teeny tiny projector
23. We goggled at the Sony Mylo 2, even though we never saw the Mylo 1 here in the UK
24. Fujifilm launched a super-slim FinePix Z100fd digital camera
25. iRiver beefed up the OLED bandwagon with its Clix+ portable media player
26. Dell showed design flair with its 22-Inch Crystal monitor
27. Yahoo launched the impressive third edition of its Go mobile application
28. We were intrigued by Jook, a concept technology that lets you broadcast music from your iPod
29. We flopped out on the most high-tech (and most expensive) bed ever
30. Like to chat as well as play? Skype came to PSP

31. Someone turned Halo 3 weapons into real-world laser-tag guns
32. Samsung rocked the Blu-ray / HD DVD combo zeitgeist (er, just in time for HD DVD’s big problems)
33. Lasonic unveiled a Heineken MP3 player. Next year, Special Brew?
34. We shielded our eyes from Logisys’ neon PC mod
35. Samsung cheered the hearts (and stomachs) of gluttons with its giant French Door fridge
36. Hannspree announced its first ever mobile phone
37. We wished we had $50,000 to spend on the Burmester 069 CD player
38. The RC Cooler offered more transportable beer thrills
39. Kodak took the wrappers off its touchscreen EasyShare V1273
40. Sling Media showed off the SlingPlayer 2.0 software

41. Our robo-loving tendencies were fired up by three new Spykee bots
42. Sony unveiled the world’s first AI-toting digital noise cancelling headphones
43. 3DV Systems’ ZCam looked like EyeToy times ten
44. Texas Instruments wowed gamers with its DualView technology
45. SpaceTime showed off a swizzy 3D web browser
46. Sony confirmed that its quirky Rolly MP3 player is arriving soon in the West
47. Mustek launched the cheapest high def camcorder yet
48. Intempo went green with the Daisy portable low-power internet/FM radio
49. Lasonic made us throw old-skool moves with its i931 iPod boombox
50. Toshiba pleased fans of slim bezels with its slim bezel Cinema Series

Stuart Dredge
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