CES 2008: Samsung’s giant French Door fridge – a breakthrough in late-night snacking technology


Samsung has proudly unveiled its latest French Door refrigerator here at CES. This behemoth easily outstrips all other French Door style units to offer the largest storage capacity of its kind in the market, at a whopping 29 CUBIC FEET. You could probably lose a whole child in that.

Designed to meet the needs of consumers who demand both high performance and good looks and, of course, instant access to more food than a normal human could eat in year, this basically the fridge for the ultimate late-night snacker.

It’ll be landing in the US in May, but it’s unlikely that it will be making a UK debut until we really commit to our growing national weight crisis in earnest. If you ever want to have a 29 cubic foot fridge in your house, it’s time think very seriously about cancelling that gym membership. Buying one of those gigantic series 7 Samsung HDTVs would help too.


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