Smart home security to grow 40%, hit $21.2B in revenue by 2023

Smart homes with security features provide their owners with peace of mind, knowing that if potential trouble is detected, they will immediately be notified and can take complete control in order to minimise damage. And while Covid-19 did influence the global smart home security market, revenues of the entire sector continued growing substantially. According to…

Are security concerns and high costs to blame for slow smart home take up?

While a new survey suggests disappointing growth, a new generation is set to embrace the benefits of the hi-tech home. Chris Price reports Despite an increased awareness of what a smart home actually is, uptake for smart home technology still remains surprisingly low. At least that’s one of the key findings of a national survey…

Battlestar Galactica Cylon Toaster is not quite the best frakkin' thing since sliced bread


The Sci-Fi Channel has created a special limited edition run of Battlestar Galactica toasters for the San Diego Comic-Con. The smooth lines and shiny silver finish tie in neatly with the re-imagined series’ Cylon concepts, and it sports the Battlestar Galctica branding. However, the lack of a red light slowly panning from side to side accompanied by a sinister hum feels like a very serious oversight. Come on, how much extra would a few red LEDs have cost?