Are security concerns and high costs to blame for slow smart home take up?

While a new survey suggests disappointing growth, a new generation is set to embrace the benefits of the hi-tech home. Chris Price reports Despite an increased awareness of what a smart home actually is, uptake for smart home technology still remains surprisingly low. At least that’s one of the key findings of a national survey…

Battlestar Galactica Cylon Toaster is not quite the best frakkin' thing since sliced bread


The Sci-Fi Channel has created a special limited edition run of Battlestar Galactica toasters for the San Diego Comic-Con. The smooth lines and shiny silver finish tie in neatly with the re-imagined series’ Cylon concepts, and it sports the Battlestar Galctica branding. However, the lack of a red light slowly panning from side to side accompanied by a sinister hum feels like a very serious oversight. Come on, how much extra would a few red LEDs have cost?

Pop-O-Matic Juke Box swaps sweet, sweet music for sweet, sweet (or savoury) popcorn


The Pop-O-Matic Juke Box Popcorn Maker yearns for a time when music was not delivered via BitTorrent websites and portable MP3 players, but instead streamed directly from coin-operated machines housing individual records. Apparently that’s no longer considered a practical way of doing things, so the Pop-O-Matic opts to deliver delicious movie theatre style popcorn instead of vinyl.