Pop-O-Matic Juke Box swaps sweet, sweet music for sweet, sweet (or savoury) popcorn

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popomatic_popcorn_maker.jpgThe Pop-O-Matic Juke Box Popcorn Maker yearns for a time when music was not delivered via BitTorrent websites and portable MP3 players, but instead streamed directly from coin-operated machines housing individual records. Apparently that’s no longer considered a practical way of doing things, so the Pop-O-Matic opts to deliver delicious movie theatre style popcorn instead of vinyl.

It has a classic chrome finish and will pop your corns using “healthy hot air”. Not that high-carb hot air that some lesser brands often choose. Unfortunately, despite the presence of all those unsightly numbers and letters, the Pop-O-Matic Juke Box has no music playing facilities at all, which seems like a bit of missed opportunity given that pretty much every other home appliance we see these days contains at least one iPod Dock or FM receiver.

It is only available in the US, for a mere $49.95 and weighs in 3lb with dimensions of 13.5″ x 12″ x 7″.

Richard Solo (via RFJ)

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