NOISE GATE: How to create an awesome office jukebox in five easy steps


If you work in an office, then how does the music work? Is it a tinny radio in the corner blaring out Radio 1? If so, I feel sorry for you, and I suggest you take control.

We moved offices over Christmas, and switched from a benevolent musical dictatorship run by Stuart from My Chemical Toilet to a much more democratic approach using communal playlists in Spotify. It’s very simple, and all you’ll need is some speakers, as well as someone volunteering to take charge. Click through to the post to find out how.

Pop-O-Matic Juke Box swaps sweet, sweet music for sweet, sweet (or savoury) popcorn


The Pop-O-Matic Juke Box Popcorn Maker yearns for a time when music was not delivered via BitTorrent websites and portable MP3 players, but instead streamed directly from coin-operated machines housing individual records. Apparently that’s no longer considered a practical way of doing things, so the Pop-O-Matic opts to deliver delicious movie theatre style popcorn instead of vinyl. launches free on-demand music platform in UK has today announced that it is the first website to offer free, global, on-demand access to the largest licensed catalogue of music from Universal Music Group, Sony/BMG, Warner and EMI, plus CD Baby, IODA, the Orchard, Naxos and more than 150,000 independent labels and artists.

The service is ad supported, which means that they can implement the second part of their master plan: paying unsigned artists each time one of their tracks is played on the service.