Songza music search portal passes the Pet Shop Boys test – global success guaranteed


The Pet Shop Boys test is where you put “Pet Shop Boys” into the search box of the latest stupidly-coloured Web 2.0 internet music delivery system. If more than 20 songs come up it has passed the test. Songza managed 25 all-time PSB greats! This means Songza will do well and will be worth $6 billion in three years time. Get in on it NOW.


The odd and slightly rubbish thing about Songza is where it sources its music from. You’re basically listening to the audio tracks from YouTube videos. So sound quality isn’t exactly crystal clear. It is, in fact, awful. But it’s a clever way to let you use YouTube as an audio jukebox, especially if your workplace is a bit funny about you having YouTube itself open all day.

The Songza interface is superb – you can rate songs, add them to a playlist, or pop over to YouTube to watch the video if you want to relive Neil and Chris’ 1980s classics. Just don’t watch the US version of the ‘Domino Dancing’ video on work time. It’s a sacking offence in most workplaces.

Songza’s currently in a private beta test phase right now, but Mashable has kindly provided a code everyone can use to test it out. And we’re kindly reproducing it here: mashableza.

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  • Songza is cool, but the problem is that it remains a smartradio… Websites such as are more interesting, since they provide REAL music on demand… legally and for free, too!

  • Songza is cool, a bit like but the audio quality on Songza is generally bad which is a shame because it is otherwise a great site.

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