Sony BMG joins the Cliq impulse buying radio/music/shop service


leona-lewis.jpgWe mentioned Cliq a while back – it’s a fancy modern way you can buy songs as they play on the radio by pressing a button. It is the future of giving your money to major corporations.

Sony BMG wants in on the ground floor of this baby, announcing it’ll be letting users of the service buy tunes from its vast back catalogue. Cliq’s backer UBC Media is well happy about this – Sony is the last of the ‘big four’ major labels to sign up to the digital shopping scheme.

So tracks by such Sony-owned names as Elvis and Simon Cowell’s newly adopted daughter and X Factor winner Leona Lewis will be available to buy when the one-click music buying system launches on December 3.

We’ll be sticking with Bittorrent, thanks. But feel free to give it a try if you’re still handicapped by having some sort of conscience over intellectual property.

(Via Hemscott)

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