DAB listeners 'Cliq' to instantly buy songs


virgin-lobster-700.jpgDAB radios will feature ‘Buy it Now’ options in future, thanks to tech firm UBC’s new Cliq service.

Currently on trial with Chris de Burgh specialists Heart 106.2 in London, Cliq works by sending an additional data stream along with the audio data that contains the track details. You like it, you buy it, and it’s saved to whatever device you were using to listen to it.

Imagination Technologies, the company behind the cool-and-popular PURE Digital DAB radios, has already agreed to use UBC’s clever new idea, so expect DAB radios with big, red, BUY SONG buttons on them appearing soon.

UBC is also working to make the on-demand radio shopping system work on any old Java-compatible mobile phone, plus an additional mobile trial is currently running on Virgin Mobile’s ugly-but-skilled Lobster 700 Windows-based smart phone.

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Gary Cutlack
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