Pure Chronos DAB/CD alarm clock


If the Roberts Gemini 19 DAB digital clock radio from earlier this week was a little too basic for your bedroom, how about about the Pure Chronos DAB/CD alarm clock – which should give you a bigger blast – and more choice – in a morning.

Based on the original Chronos, the new version is more of a bedside stereo than a radio, combining DAB and CD, stereo speakers and an alarm. In fact, you get four completely independent alarms that can be set for weekdays, weekends, daily or just as one offs – each with the choice of waking up to either DAB, , FM, CD or a traditional buzzer. And there’s also a sleep button to ease you into sleep – and a snooze if you can’t quite get out of it.

An LCD display shows the current time plus the DAB radio information via textSCAN, which means you pause and control scrolling text, while a light sensor dims the output at night the night. The CD player is also good for CD-R, CD/RW or MP3/WMA discs, which should save you some swapping over or you can connect your iPod (or MP3 player) to use via the speakers. And if your Chronos is out of arm’s reach, there’s also a remote control.

It’s available now, priced at £99.99

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Dave Walker
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