Video Review – Motorola Dext

Motorola's Dext sure is packing in some cool features. But is a great keypad and the Motoblur UI enough to save the smartphone from its cripplingly low battery capacity? Anna from Shiny Shiny goes hands on and gives her…

Motorola unveils the Dext (Cliq) Android powered phone

Some mobile analysts believe the device is a watershed for the beleaguered US mobile firm. Some have even suggested that the company would pull out of the mobile market is it got as frosty reaction to the new handset.

Sony BMG joins the Cliq impulse buying radio/music/shop service

leona-lewis.jpgWe mentioned Cliq a while back – it’s a fancy modern way you can buy songs as they play on the radio by pressing a button. It is the future of giving your money to major corporations.

Sony BMG wants in on the ground floor on this baby, announcing it’ll be letting users of the service to buy tunes from its catalogue. Cliq’s backer UBC Media is well happy…

DAB listeners 'Cliq' to instantly buy songs

virgin-lobster-700.jpgDAB radios will feature ‘Buy it Now’ option in future, thanks to tech firm UBC‘s new Cliq service.

Currently on trial with Chris de Burgh specialists Heart 106.2 in London, Cliq works by sending an additional data stream along with the audio data…