Shiny review – Motorola Dext (Cliq) – a return to form for Moto

Mobile phones

We have been a bit slow on this one, but here is our video review of the first Google Android powered handset from Motorola – the Dext.

Overall I think this is massive step forward from Motorola. Until recently the company a pretty much trading on its past and with the breakthrough RAZR phone now a dim and distant memory it certainly needed to reinvent itself.

And with the Dext or Cliq as it is known in the US, it has done a splendid job. Then key here, as Anna explains, is that Motoblur interface which does a really great job of rounding up all a person’s social networking updates and putting them in truncated form on the home screen with links to the fuller versions.

It can also access the Android store and all the wonderful apps that can deliver from Spotify through to Twidroid.

If it has an Achilles’ heel though it is battery life. All those live updates on the home screen certainly sap the phone of power, so don’t expect to get more than a day’s use out of it

Anyway here’s Anna’s review

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