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Aimed very much at first-time downloaders, Virgin Digital’s Music Download Starter Pack offers all the basics of music downloading – including the player, free downloads and basic instruction – all in one box.

Each Starter Pack contains a digital music player, five free downloads from to get you started, and easy-to-understand instructions. Don’t expect a top-of-the-range iPod – the kit contains a fairly basic lightweight 256MB Virgin-branded player, with headphones, USB cable and an installation disc. The player should be good to hold around 60 tracks.

In addition to the player (and to convince you to purchase from them in future no doubt), you get five free downloads from the 2 million on offer at Virgin Digital. Or if you want to make use of the CDs you’ve already bought, software provided will let you rip them from disc to your hard drive/player.

At £29.99, it all sounds reasonable value to get you started, especially if you just want a small player to keep you amused at the gym or on the daily commute. They’re available from Virgin stores now.

Virgin Digital

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One thought on “Virgin Digital's Music Download Starter Pack

  • VirginDigital Download Pack seems like a neat
    way to get your favorite tunes without spending hoards of up-front cash. Since the commodity of music is as disposable as the
    service itself, pricing on the low-ball level
    should be a priority and aimed at the working
    class market that can’t catch the 21st century
    break with a minimum wage hike–they love these techno gadgets too: “Sound of Literati”
    witness the powerful eXperience of the spoken word eXplosion!

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