Freud Coffee maker makes coffee, looks nice

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Say hello to the Freud coffee maker. It is not named after the famous psychologist who thought everything looked like willies and that everyone secretly harboured Oedipus complexes. It is named after because it was designed in a cafe in London’s Neal Yard, called Frevd [sic – oldwoldy spelling alert].

I don’t actually like coffee, so I wouldn’t have any use for this. As soon as they come up with a decent kettle and / or tea pot that looks like this – as in something right out of BioShock – you can sign me right up.

Apart from having all the aesthetic connotations of a giant man-machine that’s about to lurch into life and smash your skull in, it features a unique drip proof spout. Oh good; for some peculiar reason it is a strict requirement of mine that liquid pouring devices should be capable of transferring liquid to its intended vessel without getting it all over the table and floor. Guess that’s that box ticked then.

Despite the design coming from London, we only know ofa place where you can pick them up in the States, for $100. Let us know if you know of anywhere closer to their homeland.

Freud Wood Handle Coffee Plunger (via Wired)

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