Mobile phones

uk-sends-200-million-texts-a-day.jpgIncredibly, the number of text messages us lot in the UK send is continuing to rise, according to the Mobile Data Association.

The MDA reckons we’re burning through our free text allowance at a rate of 200 million text messages a day, which, by my maths, is nearly four texts per person every day – a rise of 30% over the number we sent last year.

To make these figures sound even more impressive, that works out as 1.4 billion text messages a week. Mostly about what’s for dinner and if you’re on the train yet or not. We also send 1.5 million photo messages a day, some of which aren’t of genitalia.

There is no data regarding how many video calls we make. Presumably because no one made any during the period being monitored.

(Via ITPP)

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Gary Cutlack
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