It's an Eee PC world: 23 models on the way

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According to Engadget Chinese, ASUS is planning to launch 23 different models of Eee PC before they’re done, including the “extreme slim and light” S101 and S91 models.

“Ultimate” I get, but the rest sounds far too much like fashion categories for me: “PRO Fashion” and “Smart Casual”.

The Ultimate Eee PCs appear to be targeted at “Elite” people (whoever they are), travel explorers, and free (unpaid?) writers. The PRO Fashion (Professional Elegant) models are precise, mature, and “fancy touch”, but are still thought appropriate for insurance salesmen and estate agents. Hmm.

Finally, smart casual Eee PCs are for everyone else: kids and students, mainly, but also for travellers (not travel explorers, of course)

Anyone else confused? Well, no worries — whichever one from this pile of future Eee PCs you choose, it’s guaranteed to be “Rock Solid. Heart Touching”.

(Via Engadget)

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