CES 2008: Never get up from your pool lounger again, thanks to the RC Cooler


There’s really nothing better than lazing around in the sun next to your pool with an ice cold beer. Or at least I’m fairly sure there isn’t – but then I live in a third floor flat in Scotland, which pretty much rules out ‘pools’ and ‘sun’ all at once. One thing I definitely don’t like doing is hauling my lazy arse out of a chair to go and find more beer, which is why the Interactive Toy Concepts RC Cooler looks fantastic.

The design is fairly simple – it’s an electric, remote controlled ice bucket with space enough for four chilled lagery (or possibly even non-alchoholic) beverages and a range of thirty feet meaning that you can probably send it back to the house for more when you run out. You can guide it left and right, forward and backward using a bottle cap influenced remote design.

The only thing that could possibly make it even better is if it had some kind of siren and a webcam allowing you to track down a person nearby and demanding them via the medium of a noisy wail to refill the cooler with refreshing beer. On the other hand, the RC Cooler is set to retail for less than £30 and I can shout pretty loudly when there’s booze and sloth at stakes…

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