CES 2008: Da Vinci inspired remote control miniatures


Airborne Remote Controlled toys are great fun, right up until you take someone’s eye out with your aerial acrobatics. But as technology gets smaller and smaller, so does the size of remote control gizmos and Interactive Toy Concepts has two diminutive offerings that will be great for annoying friends, relatives and pets alike without risking permanent injury. Although that might take the fun out of it I suppose.

The first is the Micro Aerial Vehicle (MAV) Ornithopter based on Leonardo Da Vinci’s famous designs. It has a wingspan of less than 5” and has an on-board rechargeable lithium polymer battery, which allows for 7 miuntes of flying time from a 5 minute charge.

The other is the Mosquito MAV which is basically a teeny tiny helicopter standing just 2.5” tall and with digital proportional controls for turning, ascending, descending and hovering at a range of 20ft.

Both indoor toys are planned to retail for fifty buck a piece.

Interactive Toy Concepts

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