SCIENTISTS – "We are all doomed" as the Sun gets ready to EXPLODE


sun-spot-death-tragedy-global-scale-crisis-massive-civilisation-end.jpgThat headline’s perhaps a bit dramatic. That’s not really what the weather-watchers at The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said at all.

The point is this – our Sun appears to be going into a new cycle of sunspot activity, which could, possibly, maybe if it goes “2 da Xtreme,” interfere with all the cool electric stuff we so dearly rely upon.

The solar storms and all the crazy charged particle stuff they eject towards us could lead to mobile networks breaking, GPS systems crashing and the power grids going down, forcing us all to bake bread in fires like Ray Mears and play the piano for fun like they did back in the 1970s. We could, quite possibly, all be back to living in houses made of sticks and communicating by letter when this new sunspot cycle hits its most powerful peak in 2011 or 2012.

We might even have to start going to the toilet in holes in the garden and using leaves to wipe our bottoms with, if, for example, the power grid goes down and and water pumping stations fail and there’s no water getting through to make the toilets work, plus the supermarkets can’t open to sell toilet rolls because of all the power cuts. Imagine that!

But, more likely, nothing will happen at all. You might notice your Sky reception go a bit flaky for a bit one evening while you’re watching the ladies gymnastics final of the 2012 Olympics. That’s it. Hopefully.

(Via Cellular-News)

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  • If you wipe your bum on a leaf, you get nasty things crawling up your bum. Possibly. I wouldn’t try it, though.

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