CES 2008: NoPoPo are AA batteries powered by water, beer or your own pee

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Sadly, Tech Digest’s battery correspondent isn’t at CES this year, so it’s fallen to me to ferret out the latest in AA energy technology. It’s called NoPoPo, which stands for Non Pollution Power. Japanese firm Aqua Power System is behind it.

Basically, they’re normal AA batteries, except you power them up by squeezing in liquid. On the stand, Aqua Power demonstrated it with water and orange juice, but you can use beer, coffee, Coke and even saliva or urine in an emergency situation. Apparently, the power bit comes from the reaction between the liquid and the magnesium and aluminium inside. The liquid acts as the catalyst.

The company say the batteries are eco-friendly because they don’t contain stuff like mercury, lead or cadmium, and also because they’re non-combustible, so can be chucked in the bin when not needed any more. It sounds bonkers – especially when you’re squeezing OJ into them using the supplied plastic squeezy thing – but at the same time, it’s a bit genius too.

Aqua Power System website

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