VibraExciter turns your iPhone into a vibrator… for men!



There are several features lacking from iPhone, including 3G and video recording. Oh, and it doesn’t come with a buzzing cock-ring attached, which is a pretty serious omission. Thankfully, LoveHoney has stepped into the breach, with its new VibraExciter Mobile Phone Sex Toy for Men.

It is, yes, a vibrating cock-ring, that plugs into your iPhone (or, indeed, any mobile handset) and gives you buzzy thrills whenever you receive a call or text. In the case of a call, it keeps vibrating until you hang up, whereas in the case of a text, you get 20-30 seconds worth. There’s also a manual activation button if you get bored waiting.

The device costs £24.99, and is available now. Right, I have to go. I’M ON THE TRAIN. OH GOD. YES! YES! YES! I’M ON THE TRAIN! OH GOD! YES! Etc.

VibraExciter product page

Stuart Dredge
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