Shiny Video Review: Hello Kitty vibrators

I try and limit the amount of sex toys we show here on Tech Digest, instead leaving it up to Zara and the girls over at our sister-site Shiny Shiny. True, they may be electrical products, and give you, ahem, great pleasure much like the latest mobile phone…but really, how many vibrators do you want to see when skiving off work, reading Tech Digest?

I’ll make an exception with this one though, the Hello Kitty vibrators, which…

Tony Blair: officially more useless than a vibrator

sexy-tony-blair.jpgWhat’s that? You don’t tend to take your opinion-forming political polls from sex toy websites? More fool you then.

Visitors to LoveHoney have spoken, and whereas 33% of them said Tony Blair is the man they’d least like to be stranded on a desert island with, 20% said the object they’d most like to take would be a vibrator with “unlimited” batteries. 9% said an iPod, incidentally.