Inch Perfect: the vibrator that's made to measure

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inch-perfect-pack.jpgI don’t have to tell you why Inch Perfect is different to your average sex toy – check the pic.

It’s got markings representing an imperial AND metric ruler, which retailer LoveHoney says will give you an accurate measurement of ‘how deep is your love’.

I bet the Bee Gees didn’t have 21st-century vibrators in mind when they wrote that song…

Anyway, the device comes in two models: the Inch Perfect is nine inches and costs £14.99, while the Inch Perfect Mini is six inches, and costs £9.99. Both are waterproof, and apparently near-silent.

LoveHoney suggests you might want to use the device to measure your partner’s foo-foo love-tunnel youknowwhat, and then “head off down to the pub to compare notes with your mates”. I think they’d rather hear your views on West Ham’s prospects of avoiding relegation, to be honest, but each to their own.

Oh, LoveHoney have made a suitably bonkers space-shuttle video to promote the Inch Perfect – click below to watch it in, er, action. Yes, it’s safe for work.

Inch Perfect vibrator

Stuart Dredge
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