The world's first sex-toy recycling scheme


lovehoney-amnesty.jpgEw. Just ew. Does anyone seriously want a secondhand Rampant Rabbit vibrator? Even if it’s been given a good wash. I can’t see LoveHoney’s Rabbit Amnesty scheme catching on…

Oh, hang on. It’s okay, this is about recycling, not about getting your hands (well, your something) on a secondhand sex-toy. The idea is to save you the hassle and shame of taking a bag full of worn-out buzzy things to the local electrical waste collection centre.

Instead, send your old Rabbit to LoveHoney, and they’ll dispose of it in an eco-friendly stylee, donate £1 to a green charity, and sell you a new one for half-price. Marvellous. Now, do I have any takers for a slightly soiled pair of Chinese love balls…

LoveHoney Rabbit Amnesty website

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Stuart Dredge
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