CES 2008: Microsoft confirms open to idea of Blu-ray drive for Xbox 360

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xbox-360-blu-ray.pngIt’s tempting to see every positive news development for Blu-ray as another nail in the coffin of HD DVD at the moment, which is simplifying the format war somewhat. But it’s a fact that Microsoft is key to any chance that HD DVD will survive, so the news that the company hasn’t ruled out releasing a Blu-ray drive for Xbox 360 will certainly cause a few ripples.

It comes from quotes by Xbox group marketing manager Albert Penello, who said that while Microsoft is still fully behind HD DVD, it would still consider switching to Blu-ray if necessary. “It should be consumer choice, and if that’s the way they vote, that’s something we’ll have to consider.”

In itself, this is hardly shocking – it’s simply sensible on Microsoft’s part. However, what’s interesting is that a.) they’re saying it in public, and b.) it raises the important question of how and when Microsoft will decide that consumers have voted for Blu-ray. Is it a certain number of player sales, or a certain market share, or what? Watch this space…

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