Sun Table – outside table and gadget charger


Granted, this might not be a good purchase for a Manchester garden, but if you live in more sunny climbs, the Sun Table could prove a shrewd long-term investment.

The work of Sudia Design Labs, the Sun Table is packed with solar panels that charge a nickel metal hydride battery, which, in turn, can power your gadgets. The battery’s maximum storage is 13 amp hours at 12 volts (that’s 156 watt hours), with three hours of sunlight needed for the full charge. And that full charge should translate to about three hours of laptop use or a couple hours of television.

The table itself is made primarily from aluminium and comes flat-packed in recycled materials. Possibly a money-saver in the long term, but not cheap initially – $3600 (£1800).

Sudia Design Labs (via Tree Hugger)

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