Volkswagen's "space up! blue" hybrid solar concept van thing


volkswagen-space-up-blue.jpgYes, it really is called “space up! blue”. Hopefully it’ll get a more modest name should the thing ever arrive here. The VW 145, for example. Or, if they want to be really fancy, the V2000. There’s no need for exclamation marks in product names.

The sweet little mini concept car is powered by batteries and hydrogen, running for a very impressive 220 miles when charged to the max with both options. On batteries alone, it can do 65 miles. Maybe a bit more on a sunny day, thanks to the rooftop solar panels that add a bit on an extra charge as you trundle about town.

It has a top speed of 75 miles an hour, which in electric car miles an hour is very good indeed. That’s the petrol equivalent of about 125. Plus it goes up to 62mph in 13.7 seconds, which, having done nothing but watch repeats of Top Gear all weekend, we know isn’t particularly good.


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Gary Cutlack
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