The quite superb Suzuki PIXY single-person electric car


If you fancy tootling around town while being mocked by the local youths and have a skin think enough to cope, the Suzuki PIXY could be the next-generation transportation pod for you. It’s a single-person vehicle which may or may not be legally describable as a “car” – and it’s entirely electric, so all you world-saving environmentalists can wobble about between lorries and aggressive white van drivers feeling quite superior about that.


That’s the PIXY on the left – the monstrosity on the right is the Suzuki Sharing Coach, a “docking station” that can drive two PIXYs about the place. We do not want one of those, even though it looks a bit like a Star Trek shuttlecraft.

See a few more amazing photos of the PIXY and its SSC dad here.

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Gary Cutlack
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