The DIY helicopter powered by a Honda Civic engine


diy-helicopter.jpgMubarak Muhammad Abdullahi is a 24-year-old physics undergraduate from Nigeria. He might not live to be a 25-year-old physics undergraduate, thanks to his fondness of building helicopters himself out of scrap metal.

The engine for this thing comes out of a Honda Civic, the seats from an old Toyota, and he even rescued a few bits from a 747 which crashed near Nigerian town Kano a few years ago. That’s quite a bad omen.

The contraption has made six “brief” test flights so far – none of which got higher than seven feet off the ground. Which is probably best, as the student taught himself how to fly a helicopter by reading about it on the internet. At least he’s painted it yellow – this will make it easier for rescue services to find all the bits.

(Via Red Ferret)

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  • I saw this story a while back and it is pretty amusing. I wish I had the kind of time to mess with building things like this.

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