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The Salvation 1 is a small helicopter that’s being pitched as an executive toy, forgetting the fact that if you’re an executive and you’ve got spare time to muck about in the office with toy helicopters you’re not really doing your job properly.

In fact, your staff hate you for mucking about with the helicopter all day like a big, stupid kid, while they do all the work that pays your ten-times-theirs salary, and are probably uploading their CVs to Monster right now.

So we prefer to think of the Salvation 1 Micro Controlled Helicopter as a really nice toy for children. Children old enough to know that it’s a good present so will take care of it, as it costs 50 quid and could do a lot of damage.

The Salvation 1 has two main rotors and another one on the tail for stability, so it won’t crash and break within 30 seconds of you throwing the box and receipt away. The battery gives you 12 minutes of flying time and the rotors are “extra tough” for when you accidentally fly it into one of the light fittings.

The Salvation 1’s so good it was featured on TV last night, on the ITV Dragon’s Den rip-off Tycoon. ITV even stole Dragon’s Den businessman Peter Jones to present it, and yesterday, Peter met Iain Morgan.

Iain is also a businessman, one who’s hoping to get some money out of Peter to become the UK’s sole importer of the Salvation 1 helicopter.

And last night he did it (oh, that was a spoiler) securing £20,000 of Peter’s money to place an order of Salvation 1’s and start getting them out there.

As a result, you can pop over to iwantoneofthose right now and buy one for £50. Iain’s doing a hell of a job. You owe us a pint for this, mate.

You can watch night’s episode of Tycoon on the internet – legally! – over on the show’s official site.

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  • Peter Jones wasn’t asked by ITV to present Tycoon. He IS Tycoon, it was made by his production company and the concept was his own. This helicopter is sh*te and illegally marketed as unique. If you want to see some real micro helicopters, with four-channels so that they fly properly, visit

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