Speed up your iTunes downloads with Swarmcast's Autobahn Accelerator

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autobahn.jpgAutobahn Accelerator? Isn’t that something to do with playing your old Kraftwerk vinyl albums at the wrong speed? Sadly not (although it’s only a matter of time before some DJ does it, and invents a new genre of dance music).

Instead, Autobahn Accelerator for iTunes is a new application from Swarmcast that promises to make iTunes downloads up to ten times faster. It works by downloading files from multiple servers at the same time. Great if you’re downloading movies or a bunch of music tracks.

Swarmcast says it’ll be releasing other versions for different websites and services. Autobahn is Windows-only for now, but Swarmcast does promise that it doesn’t include any nasty adware, spyware or malware.

Autobahn Accelerator website

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