Phone Jeremy Clarkson! Mercedes Benz SilverFlow concept car melts to different shapes


Better start rearranging your garage and making room for a new car, as Mercedes-Benz have come up trumps with a model that’s bound to get piston-heads salivating. Heck, even I’m salivating, and the extent of my car-interest revolves around perving on Richard Hammond and Jeremy Clarkson as they perve on the latest cars on Top Gear.

The 2057 Mercedes-Benz SilverFlow concept car has been shown off at the 2007 Design Challenge competition, and the luxury car company is saying due to its micro-metallic materials, it can melt into new forms by pressing a button on the car key fob. It can also reportedly adapt to whatever conditions are outside, and transform its magnetic fields when not in use, so it’s the shape best suited to the environment. Chances of us seeing this car on the road by 2057 very, very slim. Oh, stop crying, James May!

(via Born Rich)

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Katherine Hannaford
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