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As the owner of a laughably poor motor, a Mercedes is very much a car of my dreams. But I’m sure our more affluent readers might be in the market for one – and if you are, you should check out the optional in-car mobile phone system, which automatically conencts to your mobile, transferring the content of your phone’s memory and sim via Bluetooth for handsfree use.

What does all this mean? Well, it means you can stay within the law, never having to touch your phone whilst driving. Just push the single button in the car and the unit grabs all your phone’s information – contacts, call history, previous text messages – and as you drive, caller id and message will display on the unit’s screen.

You can make handsfree calls, as wel las searchign the call register and phone book from controls on the steering wheel assembly. Incoming calls are played through the car’s sound system. There is one downside – the system uses Bluetooth’s SIM Access Protocol (SAP), which is currently supported only by a small number of handsets, specifically the Nokia 6230, 6230i and 8800, and Siemens’ S65, SK65, S75 and SL75. More will be added as the technology extends.

Two versions of the system are available – one with an in-car cable-connected passive handset for €406 and a cheaper, handset-free version for €373. These are German prices – check with your Merc dealer for a UK price.

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