VentureOne three-wheeler hybrid car available in 2009

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Hybrid cars are getting a huge look-in at the moment on Tech Digest, and with environmentalism becoming bigger and more important in technology with every passing year, expect to see more of them.

This VentureOne hybrid car comes from Venture Vehicles, and whilst it’s still the same size of a Mini Cooper, it only has three-wheels and is completely environmentally-green. Able to squeeze in two passengers, it can rev up to 100mph, with that one hour’s worth of mileage using just a gallon of fuel. For now, it’ll have only a flex-fuel hybrid motor, but apparently Venture Vehicles has plans to release an electric model in the future. Put it on your list of Must Haves for 2009 – as that’s when they’ll become commercially available.

(via Inhabitat)

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