The AMAZING HP Scitex TJ8300 is the biggest printer ever


hp-scitex-printer.jpgIf you’re a bit simple and get easily excited by things that come in unusual sizes, check this bad boy out – a printer the size of Wales.

Almost the size of Wales – the awesome Scitex TJ8300 is capable of printing out sheets at a maximum size of 165cm by 370cm, meaning it can knock out 100 billboard posters in an eight hour shift – which would be very annoying if the person in front of you has just accidentally printed out 100 copies of a map.

That’s a real man standing next to it in the photo up there. It’s huge and we can’t stop looking at it in admiration.

(Via HP)

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Gary Cutlack
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  • Not the biggest printer ever, there are several printers than can print on 5 meter wide material more than 50 meters long in one print. example Nur Expedio 5000. Durst 500. One of the first 5 meters printers was the Nur Blueboard built in 1999.

  • Thats a very small printer compare to hundreds of other’s I’ve seen lol. Viocom has printer’s 3,4,5 times the size of that.

  • Nice unit, I have printer envy. We will probably see more Texas size printers (really small ones too) within the next 2 years. Silverbrook’s scaleable printing technology will allow for new massive printers and even palm size machines.

    The technology is there; we just need to justify the expense of the creation that uses it.

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